Jesse Patton Spirit of NABIP PAC Award

The Spirit of NABIP PAC Award, now named the Jesse Patton Spirit of NABIP PAC Award, is an award that is given to an NABIP member that has shown his/her commitment to NABIP PAC in extraordinary ways.  The commitment surpasses contributions, it is support through actions and words as well that benefit NABIP PAC.   If you feel that someone embodies the “Spirit of NABIP PAC” please submit a description of why you think someone should be awarded this prestigious award. Submissions should be sent to NABIP PAC Manager Nathan Makla at

Jesse Patton was one of NABIP PAC’s first Triple Diamond Capitol Club Contributors. A former two term National NABIP PAC Chair, National Legislative Council Chair and recipient of NABIP’s Distinguished Service Award. He was the youngest member inducted into the Iowa Insurance Hall of Fame and received IAHU’s highest honor, the Legacy Award. Jesse was a Past President of the Iowa Association of Health Underwriters and a frequent speaker at continuing education events in Iowa and surrounding states. One of his most memorable experiences was working alongside President George W. Bush in a press conference regarding affordable health care in Bethesda, MD in 2005. Jesse loved politics both locally and nationally and developed a great friendship with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Iowa United States Senator Charles Grassley. Jesse enjoyed life, had a great sense of humor and could be quite the prankster. He will be remembered for his tireless devotion to NABIP and NABIP PAC always looking for ways to increase membership and add new contributors to NABIP PAC.

Past Winners: 

  1. Cathy Daugherty - 2022

  2. Donald Goldmann - 2021

  3. Jesse Patton - 2020

  4. Karl Albrecht – 2019

  5. Candius Stearns - 2018

  6. Mike Embry - 2017